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Monday Motivation 
May 19, 2014

In every mind, lies the seed of achievement,
In every heart, the source of nourishment.
Having both will bring you to the top
Love everything you do, to you no one will stop.

Do you enjoy the kind of life you currently have? If you are working, are you excited to go to your office? As a student, how much do you love Mondays? Are you happy with the people do you surround yourself with? How close are you with your goals?

Truly happiness is a choice for no one will hurt you unless you let them so. Where you are now is only the sum of all the decisions you made in the past. Where and what you will become is the choice you have to make today. Are you committed to live a happy life, or are you just interested? What is the difference, you may ask? Being only interested may make you stop with your actions in times of difficulties. A person committed to work on a plan will be willing to do anything no matter what happens.

One way to change your outlook from being negative to positive is to be grateful for anything that you have and be excited for the things that you expect to come. Maintain a gratitude journal where you list all the things you are grateful for. As days goes by, you will be surprised how you list grows.

Change starts from within. The way towards everything you want to have, be or do is you. Dream, believe and act.

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