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Monday Motivation 
April 28, 2014

Pen are used to write stories
Record events in each of the diaries
Been a tool to liberate countries
But could also produce adversaries.

How do you see yourself a month, a year or a decade from now? Were you able to maximize the talents that you have? How much have you invested for yourself by this time?

Everything around you has a purpose. The good thing about it is that, you have the free will to decide how you would like to be and to live in the life that you have ever wanted.

The pen has many uses. It can be used to write articles that could improve other people's life. It can be used to express your emotions and feelings to make someone smile. The person using the pen decides how to utilize it. However, a pen could make someone cry, just like how a parent would feel seeing a feedback written on his child's report card.

We have something more powerful than a pen. We have a brain with unlimited potential. Its productivity will depend on us. We become what we predominantly hold in our thoughts. How we would live in the future will be a result of our current decisions.

This is the right time for you to decide for the life that you really want. You have boundless potential locked within you. Your future is truly up to you.

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