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Monday Motivation 
April 21, 2014

As long as desire
is not set to expire,
ideas will start to transpire
take actions it will require.

How do you feel when you expect for something to happen but the opposite came out? How about when you really want something but it seems that all present conditions shows that it will never happen? But do you know that the things you are afraid of, happens faster because you had more time thinking what if things will go wrong, and it actually did?

In times that we are confronted with situations that what we expect is different from what had happened, new desires will start to sprout. New ideas cross our mind telling us that something has to be done. But not until you believe that you can do it no matter how your present situation may be, you will never get there.

Desire for something. Be specific as much as you can. As soon as ideas starts to arrive, believe in yourself that you can do it and you will be halfway there.

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