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Monday Motivation 
April 7, 2014

A goal without a sense of urgency,
is most likely to face an emergency.
Take a step, move with resiliency,
you only live once, choose to be happy.

Have you been in a situation that you realized that you could have done things earlier? You found yourself pushed against the wall with all the if only's? Truly, procrastination kills off ambition.

The right time will always be now. Taking that first step will be your seed of success. Create a plan to achieve your goal. Incorporate time tables and strictly adhere to it. Be resilient enough to face the challenges.

Doors of opportunities are always coming. It is certain that more opportunities will come but you do not know when. Remember that you do not have contract with forever. Choose to be happy. If you keep on waiting for other people, you will find yourself soon being left behind.

You future truly depends on you. You have to power to decide and create your perfect world.

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