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Monday Motivation 
March 31, 2014

As long as hope exist
faith will always persist
to you no one will resist
until you quit and rest.

Everyone is programmed to grow and has a great tendency to move in the direction of the light. It means that everyone has a need or want. Everyone has a goal, they may realize it or not.

Some goals are easy while others will require more time and energy. You will always face a lot of challenges. You may come to a point that you are about to give up. Hey, continue for few more steps. Gold could be found just three feet from where you are.

No one really fails until they quit. Defeat only happens if one accepts it. One of the reasons that brings you no closer to your goal could be that you have been taking the wrong steps. Reflect. Pause for moment. Great ideas will always be on their way.

Hope will always connect you to the manifestation of your goals if combined with faith and action. Anyone can stop you only if you allow them to.

Now you decide, would it be a fight or a flight?

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