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Monday Motivation 
March 24, 2014

From the time you plant
the seed may have grown
Right care and nutrient
seasons changed, it will glow.

Everyone wants something to have, to be, to do, to be at or to be with, sometime in their life. Everyone knows how to set a goal. It may be as simple as picking up a pen on the floor or even as big as having your dream home. Sometimes, we are not able to achieve these goals for we had quit on our way towards it. We had lost our hope of reaching it. Do you know the reason why?

Working for your goal, is a process, simply means that you have to act on it as an input and attaining it as an output. Consider your goal as big as being a mango tree living for years.

In order to have that big mango tree, first you must have the seed and plant it on the ground. Water it from time to time until it sprouts out of the ground. You then put a tree-guard around it. Water it and keep it away from harmful animals. The time that this mango tree and the time that you harvest it fruits will never be the same.

There will always be a season for planting and a season for harvesting. We are certain that each of them will come. They just don't happened on the same period.

Continue to work on your goals. Restructure your procedures if necessary. Do not let anyone stop you from reaching it. All great things start from small beginnings.

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