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Monday Motivation 
May 26, 2014

Living in a world of opposites,
both sides always exists.
You'll never know what's better,
until you had faced the other.

Were you able to set goals for yourself? Are you happy with where you are now? Are you happy for your friends when they reach their goals or achieve a milestone? Are you grateful with what you have and excited for the things that are about to come?

Having answered no to any of those question indicates something related to focus. What does your mind predominantly hold? Do you focus more on the things you do not have and envy others or you are grateful for what you have and continue to dream for bigger things?

In this world of opposites where you have dark or light, hot or cold, wide or narrow, big or small, rich or poor, the question is, where do you belong? You will never feel happy if you never been sad. How will you know that you have been receiving a good salary when you do not know what is bad? Going against what you do not want will only result you having more of it. How would you solve it then?

When you are in a dark room, the only way to put away darkness is to switch on the light. When you feel cold, rather than wait for it to perish, you build a fire to increase the heat. Same applies to material wealth. Do not focus on what you lack of, that is money, rather focus on what will you do to have more of it.

At this time of your life, what do you want to have more? You got the key. It is called FOCUS.

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